510 Overlook Drive - Oxford, MICHIGAN 48371
H (248) 429 5118 - C (248) 854 2344 - lengriffin@lengriffin.com

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Leonard (Len) R. Griffin

510 Overlook Drive – Oxford, Michigan 48371 - lengriffin@lengriffin.com - 248 429 5118




Senior Operations and General Management Executive, VP Global Manufacturing, President, COO and CEO that is an effective manager and leader with a demonstrated track record of financial management, transformation leadership, lean manufacturing, and business development.   Increases profitability, customer and employee recognition as well as top line growth.  Builds, mentors and maintains winning teams and organizations. Generates sales growth and implements profit-oriented operational and quality innovations that create value.

Core Competencies

Business Transformation - Turnaround

At United Solar drove a change in culture from an R&D company to a manufacturing commercial company increased output 252%, leading to a sales increase of 242%, increasing gross profit 92% (15.9% to 30.7%) and Operating Income $14.2M in two years, At Advanced Solutions Group closed five plants and moved production to Brazil saving $8.2M, At Key Plastics improve customer rating from short-term eliminate status with a PPM of 3,100 to long-term preferred with a PPM of 101 within one year and to full service supplier with a PPM of 47 within two years.


Developing Strategic Business Plans – Driving Growth 

At Key Plastics developed a SBP that focused and grew the company from $170M in sales with 9 plants to over $600M in sales with 34 plants, increasing EBITDA from $29.0M to $73.1M. At Woodbridge Inoac negotiated and formed a JV (Alibert Inoac, Inc.) with a French Company, Sommer Alibert resulting in winning the award for the entire “cockpit” for the U.S. BMW plant–$50M in sales.   


Global Management

Guided and lead businesses through out North America, Europe, (Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Czech Republic), United Kingdom (England, Ireland), Mexico, Brazil, and Asia, (Japan, Singapore) including manufacturing/operations, supply chain, sales/marketing and business development-grew international business from $0.00 to over $300M at Key.


Lean Management

After studying Lean Management and The Toyota Production System in Nagoya, Japan I successfully guided the implementation of Lean and TPS in over a dozen of plants domestically and internationally

Career Chronology   


Ø       Chief Operations Officer

Alamo Solar Manufacturing – Early Stage Start-Up                          2008                

Ø       Vice President Global Manufacturing 

United Solar Ovonics                                                                    2006-2008    

Ø       Managing Partner

Southern Georgia Automotive Group, LLC                                      2001-2006

Ø       President  & Chief Executive Officer               

Advanced Solutions Group, Textron                                               2000-2001

Ø       President  & Chief Operations Officer                                                 

Key Plastics, LLC                                                                        1995-2000    

Ø       President & Chief Executive Officer                            

Woodbridge Inoac, Inc                                                                  1991-1995

Ø       General Manager                   

Rockwell International                                                                   1985-1991

Ø       Director of Quality, Plant Manager                                         

Libby Owens Ford Plastics                                                           1979-1985




The Wharton School, Program for Global Leadership                    

Harvard Business School, PMD                                                  

University of Detroit, MBA Operation                                           

Walsh College, BBA Accounting Management                            

Certified Quality Engineer, American Society of Quality                

Lean Management–Toyota Production System, Nagoya Japan      



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